What colour is your cat?

Fill out the Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™ survey online to find out. The survey consists of 15 multiple-choice questions that will help determine your Meet Your Match® colour. You can then view the corresponding felines waiting for a new home.


Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™

Meet Your Match® helps cats find their new forever homes. Imagine the heartwarming sight of a cat going home with a family that perfectly matches her adventurous personality – a confident, loving tabby cat chosen by a retired couple looking for companionship, or an energetic tuxedo cat going home with a newlywed couple who will provide a lifelong home.

The key to developing successful adoptions lies in making good matches between adopters and pets, thus creating lasting bonds. “Feline-ality™” is a tool that does precisely this; and everyone – adopters, adoption centre team members, and most of all, the cats – benefit from the program.

The program has seen results of up to a 40%-45% increase in adoptions and a 45%-50% decrease in euthanasia of adult cats at beta-test facilities across North America.

Getting to Know Each Other

When visiting many of our Ontario SPCA communities, potential adopters are invited to complete a brief one-page survey, which will help to outline their lifestyle and how they envision a cat fitting in. Trained team members also complete the survey on the cats’ behalf, as part of a scientifically-based behavioural assessment.

The main objective behind Meet Your Match® Feline-ality™ is to facilitate the adoption process as much as possible. The survey encourages discussions that are helpful to the adopter and ultimately to the pet they choose to take home.

After completing the simple multiple-choice survey, the potential adopter is assigned a colour – purple, orange or green. They are invited to focus on (but are not limited to) the corresponding colour assigned to cats in the animal centre. Cats are designated as purple, orange or green personalities based on their individual behavioural assessments. Families looking for a sociable cat who loves to play are less likely to end up with a cat that prefers solitude or the quiet affection of just one person. Both cat and family benefit from meeting their match!

Meet the Feline-alities™ here. 



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