AnimalSmart™ Primary – Grades 1 -3

A research-based, anti-bullying, empathy-building learning resource dedicated to educating young children in the knowledge and understanding needed for respectful animal care. The Ontario SPCA AnimalSmart™ lesson plans support children and their families in developing and maintaining positive relationships with pets by:

  • helping children to develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills they need to become responsible, loving caregivers
  • fostering positive relationships with pets to enhance children’s social and emotional growth and development promoting the fair and humane treatment of pets
  • highlighting the importance of safety and the prevention of pet-related injuries to young children
  • meeting grade-level curriculum expectations from the Ontario Ministry of Education

Lesson plans are organized around four interrelated Strands which provide a comprehensive and integrated foundation for teaching and learning.

Students engage in active learning as they take on the challenges of:
  • conducting investigations
  • examining perspectives
  • interviewing experts
  • classifying and categorizing information
  • formulating guiding questions
  • gathering and organizing data
  • drawing conclusions and making judgments
  • sharing their thinking and their learning

Primary Strand and Lesson Titles
 Choose with Care  Exploring Feelings  T.R.U.S.T.  Be Prepared
 Know and Do  Friends Forever  Safe Spaces  Watch and Listen
 Take a Guess  Thinking it Through  Depend on Us  Safety First
Summative Task:
Caring for Your Pet
Summative Task:
All About My Pet
Summative Task:
Pet Owner Interview
Summative Task:
Write All About It!
Pet Safety


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