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Ontario Petloss – bereavement support

In times of grief and loss, finding a community that understands and supports your journey can make all the difference. We extend our heartfelt condolences for the pain you may be experiencing due to the loss of a beloved furry friend.

About Our Support Group:

This is a safe and nurturing space where individuals come together to share their stories, memories, and emotions surrounding the loss of a cherished pet. We recognize the unique bond you shared with your companions and understand that the pain of losing them can be profound.

What to Expect:

  1. Understanding Atmosphere: Everyone here has experienced the deep impact of losing a pet, and we’re here to provide empathy and understanding without judgment.
  2. Share and Heal: Feel free to share your memories, joys, and struggles. Whether you’re navigating guilt, sadness, or the void left behind, this is a space to express your feelings openly.
  3. Resources and Support: Our group aims to provide resources, coping strategies, and a supportive network to help you navigate the grieving process.

Meeting Schedule: visit


Dogs only ask for your love and attention

Dogs only ask for your love and attention, nothing else. Thank you for everything you do!