The Ontario SPCA Barrie Animal Centre is currently granted the pound contracts for both DOGS & CATS for the city of Barrie.

If you have found or lost a pet, please report this animal to the facility that holds that area`s pound contract. A high percentage of people who have lost or found a pet do not have access to social media. Animals that have been properly reported have a higher chance of being reunited with their owners.

For Animal Control (To pick up a dog Running at Large, or a contained cat) contact the City of Barrie at 705-739-4241

**When retrieving your pet from the Ontario SPCA, please remember to bring a carrier for your cat, and a collar and leash for your dog. **

If your pet is currently licensed at the time of reclaim, a license will be sold to you if you are a resident of the City of Barrie.

For information about all other municipal animal control bylaws please contact the local municipality.

License your pet! – Licenses are very useful. They help reunite a lost pet with their owner. Licenses are mandatory on dogs of the City of Barrie. They are available for Cats in the City of Barrie but not mandatory. Licenses for the City of Barrie are for the LIFETIME of your pet.

Shelters across Ontario receive thousands of stray animals each year, and many do not have identification. Identification (including microchipping) is the best way to ensure that your lost pet can be reunited with your family!

Please contact your municipality to ask about Licensing your pet.