By utilizing the bond between animals and children, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is dedicated to providing leading-edge education involving our environment, the animal kingdom, community and social justices to empower youth to become a more informed, respectful & compassionate generation.

Education is one of the key ways that we can prevent cruelty. It helps ensure that all animals receive the respect that they deserve and allows them to be a positive and helpful addition to our lives, families and communities.

Our dynamic educational AnimalSmart™ series has been designed by a dedicated working group to utilize inquiry-led, play-based learning that addresses a variety of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations. The lesson plans encourage participation and critical thinking by combining experiential education and key messages to teach participants how to live compassionately.

The AnimalSmart™ lesson plans will stimulate lively discussion and debate, provoke thoughtful questions and concerns as well as spark lots of laughter and maybe even a few tears. They will challenge students to step outside of themselves and see their world through different eyes as they consider the needs and welfare of animals.

download Full AnimalSmart™ Primary Lesson Plans

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Rocky and Friends Activity Book
Pawsome Day Chart and Pawsome Day Chart Tips
Make Your Own Origami Cat and Dog

AnimalSmart™ Primary Videos and Lesson Plans

Lesson: Choose with Care Lesson: Exploring Feelings
Lesson: Depend on Me Lesson: Be Prepared
Circles of Compassion Character Development – Respect
Character Development – Empathy Character Development – Responsibility

The Ontario SPCA would like to thank the working group including Katrina Bies, teacher candidate; Kayla Doucette, teacher candidate; Rachel Greenstein, teacher candidate; Hannah Houston, teacher candidate; and Jillian Gear, teacher candidate. Finally, the Ontario SPCA wishes to acknowledge the extensive writing, revising and editing by Dr. Kristen Ferguson (Schulich School of Education, Nipissing University), as contributing editor.