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Celebrating our RVTs: Spotlight on Darci

Let’s keep the ball rolling to celebrate RVT month with another spotlight! This week we want to highlight Darci. This is her story of getting into shelter medicine and working for the Ontario SPCA. For more information on what an RVT does for shelter medicine, click here!

RVT Darci’s story

darci, RVT, RVT month
Darci nursing a dog after surgery.

I graduated from Northern College and have been an RVT since 2012. I joined the Ontario SPCA Midland & District Animal Centre in May 2016 and love it!

My main passion and focus of my career has been shelter medicine. I have been fortunate enough to have worked/volunteered in a number of communities in need, providing veterinary care and educational resources.

I love being an RVT – especially in a shelter setting. I find shelter medicine challenging but extremely fulfilling.

I spend most of my down time hanging out with my pups, hiking, kayaking, binge watching shows on Netflix, exploring new places and drinking delicious craft beer.

Thank you, Darci, and all the Canadian RVTs doing amazing work for animals in need!

Darci, puppy, RVT, animal care

Oct 30, 2017
by Emily Cook