Zeus, chihuahua,

Newborn Chihuahua finds second chance in foster home with adopted mother

Zeus, chihuahua
Zeus at approximately 7 days old.

Zeus is a Chihuahua puppy with a very special story. He was delivered by C-section and struggled to nurse from his mother.  His owner did everything she could to help him, but wasn’t successful in getting him to eat. As a result – he almost died.

At 7 days old, and weighing just 40 grams, his owner surrendered him into the care of the Ontario SPCA Orangeville & District Animal Centre, where he was placed into foster care. This particular foster home already had a nursing mother, Zebra, and her six puppies, so Zeus was brought in to see if Zebra would help care for him. Fortunately, this loving mother dog accepted Zeus as one of her own!

Two unique stories, brought together for a happy ending

Zeus, chihuahua,
Zebra (mother dog) with young Zeus.

Zebra has her own special story. She was transferred from Mishkeegogamang First Nation in northern Ontario along with close to 30 or more dogs and puppies, to find a new home. Not long after Zebra arrived at the Ontario SPCA, she had six healthy puppies.

Though much smaller than the rest of the litter, Zeus is now part of the family. He nurses from her, and has his special cuddle time too! Zeus is beginning to develop a personality, talking more and giving a little yip when he gets excited.

Without our foster program, stories like this one wouldn’t be possible. Having a safe place away from the bustle of an animal centre for animals that need time to recover and rehabilitate – or, in this case, grow – is a huge benefit to the animals. Thank you to all of our generous foster parents who open their homes to give animals a second chance!

Also, thanks to supporters like you. Because of your support, Zeus had a happy ending, and will soon be ready to find his loving forever home.

To help more animals like Zeus and Zebra, donate today to the Ontario SPCA today.

Aug 28, 2017
by Emily Cook