Frannie, rescued dog, beagle, rescued beagle,

Teamwork saves “Frannie” the Beagle

Frannie the Beagle came for a visit to say thank you to the Ontario SPCA staff for saving her life over two years ago.

Frannie’s rescue story

Frannie before surgery.

When our investigations team was called to a home about a Beagle two years ago, they didn’t know what to expect.

What they found was a dog who had a tumor, half the size of her own body weight, hanging down from her stomach area. It was dragging on the floor, and she couldn’t walk or run.

Her owner didn’t have the financial means to remove the mass, and decided to surrender ownership to the Ontario SPCA. This is how a sad-looking little Beagle named Frannie came into our care.

Beagle dog
Frannie in recovery.

An Ontario SPCA agent took Frannie directly to a veterinarian. The surgeons didn’t hesitate to look at her, and generously offered to remove the mass at absolutely no cost.

The surgery was a success, and Fran began the road to recovery.

Fran healed well and was ready for a new home! She was, however, going to need a lot of care and rehabilitation after surgery and continuous medication, which is where Big on Beagles stepped in to help. Big on Beagles, an assistance/adoption agency for Beagles experiencing troubled times, was more than happy to take Fran home, and continue giving her the care she needed to thrive and have a happy life.

Frannie returns to say thank you and goodbye

Now two years later, and reaching the end of her happy life, Frannie’s family at Big on Beagles wanted her to have a chance to say goodbye to the people who changed her life so drastically.

Frannie, rescued dog, beagle, rescued beagle,
Frannie with the Ontario SPCA agent who brought her in to the clinic.

For the past two and a half years, Frannie has lived a life free from pain or discomfort, she has ran, played and enjoyed all the normal things a dog should be able to. Frannie touched a lot of people in her time with us. The agent who brought Frannie in to the Ontario SPCA, says she will never forget the first time she saw her.

“She could not stand on her own and she just looked so defeated,” she said.

When the decision was made to remove the massive tumor, the agent says she was overwhelmed with happiness, knowing Frannie would be able to soon be pain free.

It is thanks to our generous supporters and the Big on Beagles family that Frannie was given her second chance and found her forever family. Become a donor today!

Nov 27, 2017
by Aubrie