nova, calendar star

Welcome the New Year with Nova – Our January star.

nova, calendar star
Nova, our January calendar star.

Nova came to the Ontario SPCA along with 75 other dogs transferred from Whitefish Bay First Nation in October 2015.  The vet looking after her diagnosed her with heart worm disease and she began the long process of recovery.

Today, Nova has fully recovered and is loving her new life with her family. You can learn about her time in foster care with the Ontario SPCA here.

“She loves affection from people! Her tail is always wagging (even if she doesn’t lift her head) when greeted and if the affection stops she begins to paw at the individual as if seeking more. It’s quite cute!”…

Now this beautiful girl is a calendar star! Check out her video below. LIKE and SHARE!

Nova’s time to shine!

Jan 03, 2017
by Emily Cook