4 tips for your furry friend’s itchy skin this winter

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During winter, our companion animals can experience uncomfortable, dry, itchy skin just like us! It’s important you do whatever you can to increase their comfort and make this season more enjoyable for them.

Tips to prevent dry skin this winter

Here are four tips for dealing with your furry friend’s dry skin this winter from the ASPCA:

  1. Dry skin can be caused by your companion animal coming out of the wet cold into the dry heat. Keep your home humidified and towel-dry your furry friend as soon as they come inside. Don’t forget to dry off their feet and in between their toes!
  2. During cold weather, bathe your furry friend less frequently. Bathing them too often can remove necessary oils from their skin and fur, which can increase skin irritation.
  3. Groom often! Brushing your companion animals’ hair gets rid of dead hair and stimulates blood circulation to improve skin’s overall condition.
  4. Give your furry friend a coat to wear when going for walks outdoors! This will protect their skin and help them retain body heat, preventing dry skin in the process.

Be aware of how cold it is outside. If it’s too cold for you, your furry friend won’t be comfortable either. Protect your companion animals by keeping them warm and comfortable this winter season.


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