5 common car hazards for your pet this winter

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During the winter, there are many hazards you need to be aware of for your furry friends, not least of which are vehicle-relatedHere are five common car-related hazards that you need to look out for this winter and how to reduce the risk to your companion animals and wildlife. 


Antifreeze is toxic to animals. Yet, it can be appealing to them because of its sweet taste. Always be on the lookout for antifreeze spills around your car and be sure to clean them up immediately. If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze contact an emergency veterinarian right away. 

Salt burns 

Salt is often used throughout the winter to melt snow and ice on roads and sidewalks. As a result, your pet may come into contact with them when out walking with you or in your driveway. Salt can irritate or burn your pet’s paws and cause illness if ingested. Be sure to monitor your pets carefully when outside to prevent ingestion, wipe their paws after walks and consider using protective wax or “booties” when they go outside. There are also pet safe salt alternatives you can purchase for use at your home. 

Cats hiding in cars 

It is not uncommon for community cats to seek warmth under the hood of cars during the winter. The fan belt can seriously injure a cat or other wildlife when the engine is started. As a precaution, knock on the hood or sound your horn before starting the engine. 

Cold temperatures in cars winter car hazards

Cars can cool down quickly once shut off during cold weather. As they don’t retain body heat, animals should not be left alone in your vehicle. They can suffer from cold stress, frostbite and even hypothermia. To avoid this car hazard, it is best to leave your animals at home where they will be comfy and cozy if you can’t bring them with you when you leave your vehicle.  

Poor driving conditions 

Winter can bring about poor driving conditions such as slippery roads and poor visibility. Thus, it is even harder for drivers to avoid your pet if he or she happens to run on the road. Make sure to keep your pet on a leash or in a securely fenced area when they are playing outside or relieving themselves. 

Winter should be a fun time for you and your pet. Being aware of car hazards this winter will allow you to keep everyone safe while you enjoy some wintertime fun. 

You can find more winter safety tips here. 


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