Adopted pony forms special bond with her young rider

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There’s a powerful bond that develops between a horse and their favourite human. So much is communicated without a single word being spoken. At the Ontario SPCA, we love receiving updates from adopters! We were thrilled to hear about April, a pony that has found a special someone to spend her days with. 

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Jorja riding April.

April’s adopter, Krista, first met the pony when she visited the Ontario SPCA to donate supplies to help horses waiting to be adopted. An experienced horsewoman, Krista had adopted a pony from the Ontario SPCA in the past and saw potential in April. Krista thought the sweet-natured mare might make a good partner for her daughter, Jorja, and decided to welcome the pony into their stable in Eastern Ontario. 

“I thought, oh my gosh! What a great little mare,” Krista says. “There was just something about her. She was nervous, she was shy but I knew I could work with her.”

Mother and daughter worked together to teach April manners around the barn and to accept a rider. Through patience, routine and kindness, April settled down. Their new pony caught on quickly and developed a close friendship with Jorja. The two are now inseparable.

“She absolutely LOVES my daughter. I can’t explain it,” says Krista. “Whenever Jorja is with her, the pony just melts. They just get along so well.”

Learning together, the dynamic duo is now competing in horse shows. Jorja has her sights set on showing April at the prestigious Royal Agricultural Winter Fair that takes place in Toronto in November. 

“April is very receptive, she’s very smart and she has a really good attitude,” says Krista. “She has a heart of gold.” 

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horses, horse, horse adoption, pets
Jorja riding April.