Adoption tips for the holiday season

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The holidays are upon us! It’s all about iAdopt for the Holidays here at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. We want to share tips with you today about adopting during the holidays.

In this podcast, Senior Director of Shelter Health and Wellness, Dave Wilson, joins us to highlight tips you need to know as a pet owner during the holidays.

One of his main points? The biggest thing to think about, he says, is sources of stress. During the holidays there’s lots of excess energy and noise – so it’s important to make sure pets have a safety zone. This is so that they can have their space, away from excitement. For cats, this might be a little cat carrier, and for dogs could be a mud room or bathroom with their favourite items inside – treats and toys – to make it more comfortable.

Listen to the podcast for more great adoption tips for preparing your home for a new furry friend!

iAdopt for the Holidays

Very few things in life can compare to the unconditional love and companionship given by our animal friends, especially when those friends have been given a second chance through adoption. iAdopt for the Holidays is a national campaign focused on positive, real-life pet adoption stories. All as a means to encourage others to adopt and experience a similar happy ending.