Buddy gets his second chance after surviving abuse

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Some of the animals who arrive in our care carry burdens we can’t even imagine. One of those animals is a wonderful dog named Buddy. Buddy’s story started out with pain and heartbreak but ended in a second chance and happy ending. 

A rough start in life 

Buddy lived in a home where there was domestic violence. He tried to protect his female caregiver and her young children. Tragically, Buddy also suffered abuse. When he arrived in our care, he was very afraid, tense and nervous. 

Animal centre staff noticed right away that Buddy was easily startled and quite shut when engaging with other people or dogs. It was clear to the team that he was struggling to build trust with them, and felt he had to remain vigilant at all times. But Buddy started to get more comfortable with team members he saw regularly, allowing snuggles. He also started to play with his toys. 

Healing care 

The team at the animal centre created a care plan specifically tailored to Buddy and his needs. This plan included multiple walks a day, play times and training sessions, as well as an intentional relaxation session every day. Buddy was also given food enrichment throughout the day in the form of puzzle feeders, boxes and bags to keep him mentally stimulated.  

With the care plan in place, Buddy began to put his troubled past behind him. 

A second chance for Buddy 

With patience, love and attention from the animal care team, Buddy learned to trust again, and learned to be a dog again. Buddy has since been adopted into a new home where he has lovingly bonded with his new caregiver. He’s become a gentle giant and is discovering all the joys of being a dog, like playing with toys, going on walks and making new doggie friends at the park. 

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Buddy posing