Building bridges to help under-serviced owners keep pets they love

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The Brant County SPCA is moving towards a new model in their community, and it’s focused on keeping pets with the owners who already love them – Pets for Life.

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(Left to Right) Robin Kuchma, Executive Director of the Brant County SPCA, and Kallie Milleman, Ontario SPCA.

“I want to build bridges, and I want to help better the lives of the animals and the people in my community,” says Robin Kuchma, Executive Director of the Brant County SPCA.

The Pets for Life program is a community outreach initiative designed to extend animal welfare resources and information to pet owners who have never received services or have received services without long-lasting impact. Pets For Life is centered in communities that have the least access to services and information – the truly under-served.

Robin says the program hopes to help pet owners with limited resources so they don’t need to rehome a pet they already love.

“We’re the SPCA. I wanted to put prevention back in our name,” says Robin.

Listen to this fascinating podcast with Robin to learn all about the program, and how she plans to initiate it in the community around the Brant County SPCA.

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