Carlo and Northern pup Micco were made for each other

by | Happy Tails |

If you’ve been using our 2020 Happy Tails calendar this year, you may have been waiting to know more about the cover star, Micco, and his pet parent, Carlo.

Micco was born in our care after his mom was transported from a Northern community to find a home. When Carlo met him, he knew adopting a puppy would be a lot of work, but he was ready for it! Who knew that day would spark such a beautiful companionship!

Together, the pair continue to create Happy Tails every day, whether it’s through their daily walks, playing, or with fun car rides! And just like Carlo has provided a loving home, Micco gives back by motivating him every day.

β€œHe loves to play. He motivates me because I have to get up, feed him, take him for walks and it keeps me healthy walking him all the time.”

Through the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, Micco was able to find a home and family who will continue to love and care for him.

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