Cat care: Supervised outdoor time

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Everyone is trying to enjoy the summer in their own way, and cats are no exception! Have a cat who wants to explore the great outdoors? We have tips to help make supervised outdoor time possible with your cat.

Fenced in or screened porch/patio

Using a fenced in or screened in porch or patio gives the ability to visually watch your cat to make sure they are safe. Cat enclosures are another alternative.

Put food, water, and a litter box inside the patio to increase the cat’s comfort. You can also put a bird feeder at a safe distance from the enclosure, so the cats can engage safely.

Walks with a leash or collar

Some cats can also tolerate a leash and collar or leash and harness. If you want to introduce this technique, do so in a low-stress time. Using treats as the harness is introduced can also be effective.

Rubbing the harness or brushing it against your cat’s fur will also help, because this gets their scent on it so it’ll feel more familiar. Connect the harness with good experiences, such as ‘treat time.’

Outdoor cats

The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society encourages pet owners not to have their cats outside, but if you are a person who likes to sit outside in the evening, or does a lot of gardening and wants their pet to be a part of this, it might be worth it to look into supervised options.