Celebrate Boxing Day with family time!

by | General Pet Care |

Do you have the day off for Boxing Day today? Why not make it a day to remember!?

Here are some fun family time activities for you to do on this day off.

Boxing Day activities
  1. Go for a hike/walk with your dog: If it’s not too cold outside, going for a walk can be a lot of fun for you and your pet! The frigid air and exercise will do you both good.
  2. Bake some pets treats: Prefer to stay nice and warm inside? Bake your pet some yummy treats for them to enjoy. Check out this ‘pupcake’ recipe to get you started!
  3. Doggy play date: Call up your friends with dogs and see if they want to get together for some dog-time! If this is their first meeting, make sure you do it correctly. Watch this video for tips.
  4. Cuddle up for a movie: Bring out the blankets and popcorn, and cuddle up with your cat or dog to watch your favourite movie. They’ll love the attention – and the body heat!
  5. Build a snowman: If your family’s heading outside for a snowball fight, or to build a snowman, bring your dog along! Make sure to be mindful of how cold your dog is. If they’re showing signs of being too cold, take them inside. Check out this blog for more info: “Cool” test: how to tell if your dog is too cold.

We hope these activities make your Boxing Day one to remember!