Celebrate International Hug Your Cat Day with Wulfgar the hugging cat!

by | Happy Tails |

Meet Wulfgar – The Ontario SPCA and Humane Society cat who loves to give hugs!

Back in May, 2015, the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education and Animal Centre shared a video of Wulfgar the “hugging cat” to help him find a home, and boy did it work!

Wulfgar found two of the sweetest people to give him hugs whenever he should want one.

In honour of International Hug Your Cat Day, have a look back on these videos to see his story!

Adoption story

Original video shared (now at 9.1K views!)

Interested in adopting a cat from the Ontario SPCA? Visit our website to see available cats!

I stand behind SPCA with my monthly gift

I stand behind SPCA with my monthly gift. I am so happy there are folks like you to care for those who can’t help themselves.  My family and I have had animals all our lives and know what a comfort they are.  Thank you SPCA.