Cole and Allen – A Bond Like No Other

by | Happy Tails |

Cole and Allen were two of twelve dogs found living in a barn, scared, thin, and left to fend for themselves.    They rescued by the Ontario SPCA Sudbury Branch, sent to the Provincial Education and Animal Centre in Newmarket , and after being nursed back to health were put up for adoption.  Cole and Allen’s new family shared their touching story.  It’s a long read but definitely worth the happy ending.

Allen and Cole, two border collie/shepherd dogs, were brought to the Ontario SPCA PEAC Branch after being found with 10 other dogs in a barn fending for themselves.

One look at Cole on the OSPCA website and I knew he was meant to live with us. Already having one border collie/shepherd, we were looking to just add one more to our family. This quickly changed as we discovered that the two had bonded and felt they would have been more traumatized by the separation. After having them meet Maggie (our dog) and our three children, we brought them home.

They were settling in nicely when Cole escaped and before we could get him, Allen was out the door too! Now we had two dogs missing in the forest across the street and no way to get them back. They were not use to their names, fearful of humans and in survival mode.

After an hour of searching the woods with generous neighbours, I called the Ontario SPCA. Without even having to ask for help, those who had worked with both dogs assembled on their time off, to help in the search. The first night, we were able to get close to the dogs, but alas they would not come, due to their understandable fear of humans. Soon afterwards the regional manager of the Ontario SPCA was in contact with me offering her assistance.  I was overcome by the generosity that these individuals were showing me and my new four legged friends. With much reluctance, the team left the woods at 11:30 pm that night, with the promise to come back at 7:00 am the next morning.

My husband and I would go out again at 4:00 am and 6:00 am to continue the search. At 6:30 am I caught sight of them curled up together under a tree near the road. I finally relaxed knowing that they were okay. Even though I did not approach them, they saw me and both took off back into the woods. Later that morning, Cole was caught and thankfully survived the night with just a coat full of burrs. Allan on the other hand was posing to be more difficult to get a hold of.

After another full day of climbing over fallen trees, and having our boots claimed to the mud more than once, we brought Cole and sat waiting to see if the bond between brothers could rival the fear response. Low and behold, Allan began to circle us, coming ever closer over the next two hours. When darkness fell, it was obvious that Allan would not be caught. We daringly moved out of the woods with the hopes that he would follow us. He came to the bottom of the hill, and as we crossed the street he came to the top of the hill. After the others had left and I lead Cole into our backyard, Allan came across the street, circling the block. Never coming close enough and eventually went back to the safe cover of the forest. We stayed up until 2 am with the hope he would come, but he did not.

At 6:30am the next morning my daughters spotted Allan crossing the road again. With hope in my heart, I took Cole across the street and saw Allan in the tree line. I spoke to both of them and to my delight Allan followed us into the front yard and slowly into the backyard. As I was waiting with batted breath for my husband to close the gate, I did not relax until I heard the sound of the gate latch. Allen then flopped in exhaustion and welcomed a loving stroke. Allan, just like Cole, came out of his adventure unscathed.

These two little Border Collies came into our lives needing us and taught us that in the end we need them too.  As humans, we have been conditioned to believe that the more complicated our life the more rewarding it will be in the end. This is not true of animals. They do not need expensive things or to feel accomplished. All they want is love, kindness and to have their life needs met and in return they promise to love us, be kind, and be our lifelong companions.

Our family would like to thank all those who helped bring Cole and Allan safely home.