Cool Treats for Your Pets

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If you’ve ever eaten a frozen treat on a hot day and attracted the attention of your dog or cat, you can bet they’re wondering “Where’s mine?”

Making summer treats for your pet takes very little prep time, and can be made in batches and stored in an air-tight bag or container. You can freeze treats by placing the mixture in an ice cube tray, or for denser recipes, spoon some out onto cupcake liners or cookie sheets. If you have a dog, you can also place the treat inside a Kong toy and freeze overnight.

Just make sure when making treats you’re aware of which foods can be hazardous to pets and that treats should be counted towards your pet’s daily caloric intake.

Ice cubes

cat licking ice cube
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Plain old ice cubes are a great treat for both cats and dogs. Dogs love to crunch them and cats love to lick, sniff and swat them. Ice cubes also act as a hydrating snack, which is always a good idea in hotter temperatures.

Snow cones

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If you don’t have a snow cone machine, simply crush some ice cubes in a blender until they’re the right consistency. Add pet-friendly toppings such as crushed dry kibble, drizzled wet food, or some blended fruit.

Yogurt and cottage cheese

dog eating yogurt

The live cultures in yogurt and cottage cheese are great for your pet’s digestion. Serve a few spoons of this treat frozen or chilled.


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There are several options for making “pupsicles” for your furry friend. You can use baby food, your pet’s favourite wet food, blended fruit, or some beef or chicken stock (just make sure it’s fat-free, low-sodium, and contains no onion).

Pet-friendly ice cream

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Real ice cream contains too much dairy and sugar to ever be fed to your dog or cat. Instead, make a pet-friendly version with eight ounces of plain yogurt, one banana and one tablespoon of natural peanut butter blended until smooth. When placing in an ice-cube tray, you can either freeze as is or with pieces of your pet’s favourite fruits. Serve frozen or slightly softened depending on your pet’s preference.

We hope this frozen treats help your pets stay cool this summer!

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