DIY Cat Toys: The ultimate cat scratcher

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Your cat will go crazy for this amazing cat scratcher!

Watch the DIY video and let us know how your toy turns out.

Supplies you need:

1. Cardboard boxes

2. Tape

3. Utility knife

4. Ruler

5. Glue gun and cat toy accessories (optional)


1. Decide the height of your scratching pad (video is made at 3.5″). Measure the cardboard and cut it in identical strips

(Cut so that the ridges in the cardboard are going horizontally across the strips.)

DIY cat toy, DIY Cat toys
Enjoying her new toy!

2. Measure and cut one strip to be 1 inch wider than the rest (4.5″ in this video).

3. Use the bends in the corrugation to help you roll, and tightly curl up the cardboard.

4. Once you’ve rolled your first piece, tape it tightly.

5. With each new piece, add along the edge of the last taped on piece. Try your best to make one side (your top) as even as possible.

6. Continue rolling and adding cardboard until you reach your desired size.

7. Take your wider cardboard and line it up to cover one full circle. Secure with tape.

8. Accessorize! Whatever you choose to use, make sure it’s safe to have around pets. If you choose to use a glue gun, make sure the glue is non-toxic.