Does my cat really love me?

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Cats can be tricky pets to understand. Dogs let you know regularly that you are the centre of their universe and shower you with love and affection, but cats can be a little different.

Unless you’re cracking open the cat treats or dishing out dinner, it’s tough to know what your cat is trying to communicate. Here are six ways Healthy Pets says our purr-fect friends try to communicate with us.

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1. Purring

Purring is the most common sound cats make. While purring is most often a sign of contentment, it can also reflect other emotions as well. Sometimes purring can indicate being scared, sick or injured. You can watch your cat’s body language to distinguish the root cause of their purring. For example, if your cat looks relaxed, they are most likely happy, but if they are hungry or lonely, your cat may purr while whining or crying.

2. Meowing

A cat meows to communicate with humans, not other cats. Cat have learned this is the best way to communicate with humans, so if your cat is meowing they may be trying to tell you there is something wrong or they need attention.

3. Tail Posture

Cats also communicate through body language. Cats use their tails to tell us how they feel, just like dogs. According to Healthy Pets, if your cat is happy, their fur will be smooth and their tail will be vertical, whereas, if your cat is scared or angry, their tail may still be vertical, but their fur will be upright. If your cat lowers or tucks their tail this usually means that your cat is feeling anxious or insecure.

4. Arched back

This is the classic, black cat pose you see everywhere around Halloween time. When your cat arches their back with their tail held high and fur standing on end – they are asking to be left alone. This often happens when a cat feels threatened and the best thing to do is to give them their space until they calm down.

5. Blinking

This is a bit of a strange one, but when cats blink long and slow, this signifies the cat is comfortable, calm, and trusts you!

6. Rubbing

Cats have multiple scent glands on their heads, located around their mouth, chin, and on the side of the face, neck and ears. When your cat rubs against you, they are marking you with their scent and naming you as part of their tribe. This is also one of the ways they communicate their love for you, signifying your bond with your feline friend.

Hopefully these facts help you connect with your feline friend a little better today. If you found this post helpful – share with your friends!


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