Easy, quick, KONG® recipes to try at home!

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Looking for some fun food enrichment ideas for your dog? We’re here to help! There are a lot of easy and yummy KONG® treat recipes that are sure to make your furry friend happy and will only take you a few minutes to prepare. 

Food enrichment 

Treat-filled KONGs are a great way to make your dog work for a reward. Replacing bowls with a KONG® for meal feedings will keep your dog busy and stimulated for a longer period of time. KONG® and other food puzzles are best for dogs who rush their meals. Simply place the dog’s recommended amount of kibble into the KONG®. Depending on the size of the KONG® and the dog, it could take a couple of re-fills for feeding.

Depending on your dog’s emotional state, KONG® can also be a great enrichment or stress reducing opportunity. For example, if your dog is experiencing boredom, providing him/her with a KONG® is a great enrichment activity. On the other hand, if your dog appears anxious or frustrated, a KONG® can assist in reducing stress. 

Learn more about the benefits of KONG® toys here.

Watch our favourite KONG® recipes here!

In this video, we’re sharing a few fun and simple KONG® recipes for your dog to try. The best thing is, they require minimal ingredients that you probably already have at home, like wet food or yoghurt and a favourite treat – no additional shopping necessary.  

Watch for more details and instructions, and then give it a try yourself!  

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