Exercising pets: How much does your pet need?

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Proper exercise is so important for your pets – and as their owner, you’re responsible to help them get it!

The ASPCA Pet Insurance site has some great tips on exercise for different kinds of breeds*. Hopefully these tips help you get started created some healthy habits for you and your pets!

*Many pets have specific needs, please consult your veterinarian before making major changes to your dog’s exercise habits.

Activities by Breed and Size

Your furry friend’s breed and size also affect how much – and what type of – exercise you should try. For instance:

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Toy Breeds:

These little cuties often get overlooked in terms of exercise (probably because they look so sweet in your purse!). But they actually have a propensity for obesity. The good news is, toy breeds are super easy to exercise indoors.

Pugs and Bulldogs:

Any breed with a short or flat nose can have trouble breathing. Keep exercise light, take breaks when needed, and don’t exercise outside in hot and humid weather.


These guys have a reputation for being energetic. They’ll do well with at least 60 minutes of exercise daily.

Sight Hounds:

Sight hounds like Greyhounds and Whippets are sprinters and better suited for short, intense bursts. They probably aren’t your best jogging buddies, but they excel at interval training.

Herding Dogs:

Workers by nature, herding dogs are larger and get bored easily. This means they have higher exercise needs and crave more rigorous activity. Exercising twice a day for up to two hours total is beneficial.

Do some research about your particular breed, but remember that age, lifestyle, and personality are all factors.

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