Enjoying the Fall: Safety tips!

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A cooler breeze, and beautiful scenery can be a great time to get outside with your pets! The fall weather is ideal for playing with our pets outside – but there are also safety concerns you need to be aware of! Here are some tips!

Fall Pet Safety

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    photo credit: Happy Aussie in Central Park via photopin (license)

    During colder seasons, active pets need more food! But be careful not to over feed your pet, especially if they have a heavier body condition. Royal Canin has some great, nutrition guides to help you out!

  2. Beware of snakes! As snakes prepare for hibernation, chances of bites are higher. Find out what kind of venomous snakes may live in your area, and where they might be found so you can avoid them.
  3. Mushroom season is here. Some mushrooms are toxic, so keep your eyes open and your pets away from them.
  4. As the temperature drops, stray and feral cats may start looking for warm hiding places. This can include under your car hood. Bang your vehicle’s hood before starting your car to make sure no cats are underneath.


For more autumn safety tips, visit the ASPCA’s handy tip sheet and enjoy the fall with your pets!