Firework safety

by | General Pet Care |

The long weekend is almost here! This weekend, Canadians across the country are celebrating a three-day long weekend for Victoria Day on Monday. It’s great to sit back, enjoy a BBQ with family and some local fireworks, but we have a few tips for keeping your pets happy and safe this weekend.

Many pets can get anxious or scared when there are loud, sporadic noises outside such as thunder and lightening. During holidays, when many people enjoy celebrating with fireworks, pet owners should keep their pets indoors. Not only could the loud noises frighten your pet, but sometimes firework debris left over in parks and neighbourhood spots can be a hazard to your pet. As always, never allow your pet to lick, nibble or chew on items left in public areas.

Try to take your dog for a walk before the festivities begin, and if they are frightened by the noises outside, ensure they have access to their “safety zone”, whether it be their bed, crate or favourite nook in the house. Sometimes a favourite toy or treat can help keep them occupied.

We hope everybody has a great time this holiday weekend with their pets!