Fun March Break activities for the whole family

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MARCH BREAK! How exciting. Time for the children to have some time off from studies and relax!

But maybe you’re thinking that it’s not so great because now you have to come up with things for them to do all day long! Here are some great ideas for things to do with your babies, and your fur-babies, during this week off.

DIY Dog Toys

There’s a reason why most dog toys have squeakers and crinkle materials inside. Dogs love toys that respond by making noise. A simple dog toy is to take a plastic water bottle and place it in either a sock or an old t-shirt. If placing the bottle in a sock, simply close the opening by tying a knot.

If using a t-shirt, wrap the bottle as you would a burrito (by tucking the sides in and rolling), then take leftover strips of fabric and tightly secure the shirt onto the bottle. Dogs will love the crumple sound every time they press down on the bottle… Learn three more DIY toys on the full post!

Catch up on some movie watching!

We have a great selection of animal movies we’ve picked out for you, your kids and fur-babies to enjoy! Check out the full list here.

Take the family for a hike

Walking your dog can do a lot for your own health! And what better way to exhaust kids’ energy then going for a fun hike together.

Check out our blog on Hiking with Fido and start planning your outdoor adventure.

Now get out there and enjoy the week with your family!!