Get active this Fall with your pets!

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Fall can be a great time to get out and get active. With cooler weather, there are plenty of perfect opportunities to get outside.  Here are a few great ways to get moving: 

Tips to get active with pets this fall 
  1. Take a nature hike – There are many pet-friendly trails, conservation areas and parks all over Ontario – hidden gems that can be found in every city and town. While the beautiful fall colours relax and intrigue you, you and your companion animal can enjoy the many health benefits of a hike! Remember to keep your dog on a leash!  
  1. Visit an apple orchard or pumpkin patch – Many orchards and pumpkin patches allow dogs; just call ahead to be sure. The new sights and smells will stimulate your dog’s senses and an apple slice can be a nice treat for your dog that will also help to clean their teeth. 
  1. Go camping – Fall is a perfect time to go camping. The weather is great and the leaves are beautiful. Dogs love exploring and being with you, so this is a perfect way to stay active and bond with your furry friend. Remember not to let Fido wander unattended or they could become lost. 
  1. Jump in a pile of leaves – After you’ve raked leaves in your backyard, try jumping in them! This can be a fun game for you and your pet. If your cat likes being outdoors (supervised outdoor time on a leash is recommended), they may want to join in the fun and play in the leaves as well. Be sure to remove any sticks or branches that could injure your pet. 
  1. Play a game of fetch – You can play fetch with a football, frisbee or any other toy your pet loves. This activity can be done in any open space that is pet friendly, just make sure your furry friend is secure and can’t run off! 

Before you come inside at the end of one of these fall activities, make sure you check your pet for ticks. Ticks like to hide in long grass and leaf litter, and because your pet is so low to the ground, they may attract one or more of these critters. 

Sweat for Pets 

Did you know the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is running a Sweat for Pets fundraiser? Choose your challenge, collect funds and change the lives of vulnerable animals in your community.  Challenges can be as unique as you, and the animals you’re supporting. You could challenge yourself to go for a walk every day with your dog, run a marathon, bike to a neighbouring town or city – anything that inspires you to get moving to help animals.   

Register at and encourage your family, friends and co-workers to pledge their support for animals in your community by making a donation to your Sweat for Pets personal fundraising page.  

Funds raised through Sweat for Pets support life-changing work to give animals in need a second chance. 





As an animal lover all the work you do

As an animal lover all the work you do to help ensure that every dog and cat can find their forever home that is filled with love is greatly appreciated.