Healthy habits, healthy teeth: Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy

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Your pet’s oral health really matters! But why do pets get dental problems? Let’s get to the root of the issue! Bacteria  naturally live in your pet’s mouth, and plaque rapidly covers all surfaces of the teeth. With time, plaque becomes calcified,  and transforms into tartar – that’s the yellow-brown, hard substance! As dental disease worsens, you may start noticing bad  breath, inflammation and pain. Infection and damage to the tissues can lead to loss of teeth.  

Preventive care will help keep your pet’s mouth healthy! 

  1. Brushing removes plaque from the surfaces of your pet’s teeth. Use a pet toothpaste that is safe to swallow, and a toothbrush adapted to your pet’s size! When you get started, you may need to train your pet to stay still and gradually accept tooth brushing!

      2. Make sure your pet gets an annual examination with your veterinarian! Once tartar has formed, only a professional dental cleaning performed by a veterinarian can remove it!  

      3. Dental diets and chews can help remove plaque and slow tartar formation in 2 different ways:  

  • A specific kibble shape and texture can help scrape plaque off while your pet is chewing.
  • Certain nutrients can slow tartar build-up by capturing calcium in the saliva, making it less available to deposit in tartar.



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