Helping the homeless and their pets – Animals’ Voice Pawdcast

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For the most part, homeless pet owners provide the animals they care for with love and companionship, but they often lack the financial ability to spay or neuter, provide vaccinations, and basic animal care supplies that we often take for granted.

Todd Stosuy is a Field Services Manager with the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. He works with people experiencing homeless in the community to help them care for their pets.

“There are all sorts of issues that are out there that I think we that have houses, and jobs, we that live in mainstream society, don’t really notice,” says Stosuy.

A lot of the work Stosuy has done in his community is build trust with people experiencing homelessness. He says this is generally a struggle for any person in a law enforcement position.

“One way to break those walls down is just to treat people as humans,” he says.

Learn all about his work and how he’s learned to meet people where they’re at, and help them care for their animals well.