How being a pet parent benefits mental health

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Yesterday, Jan. 25th was Bell Let’s Talk Day, and in honour of that, we’re highlighting some ways being a pet parent benefits mental health. 

Looking after the mental health of yourself and those around you is very important. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) outlines some ways that being a pet parent can benefit our mental health. 

Here are some of the things highlighted through HABRI’s studies: 

  • Companion animals provide “emotional work.” This is the ability to alleviate worry and provide comfort. Pet parents also describe their companion animals as intuitively knowing when they need support. Furry friends are also great at listening to any worries or secrets confided in them. 
  • Individuals who cared for a companion animal reported that it was a pleasant distraction from mental illness. 
  • Companion animals can contribute to a stronger sense of identity in their pet parents with mental health conditions. In addition, they can reduce negative perceptions of a mental health condition. 
  • Furry friends can provide a sense of security and routine. 
  • They can provide a sense of meaning in an individual’s life. As well as, provide a distraction from distressing symptoms. 
  • Another study found “Pets provide the ability to gain a sense of control inherent to caring for the pet” when managing a long-term mental illness. 

Your furry friends are here for you! 

Read more about the importance of the human-animal bond on HABRI’s website: