How do I… deal with my cat’s bad breath?

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So there you are, cuddling with your favourite feline companion. You’re about to give him a kiss on his adorable face.. and stop short. What is that SMELL?

As with all animals, your pet’s breath should not have the smell of your favourite gum. However, a foul or putrid smelling breath (also known as halitosis) can be the result of a variety of health problems.

Bad breath is the result of odor-producing bacteria that has built up in your cat’s mouth. Pets are just as prone to dental disease as people, and can have build-ups of plaque and tartar. While a certain amount of dental care is required for all pets, your veterinarian will examine your pet’s teeth and give you advice on how to prevent dental build up. If the plaque or tartar is excessive, your cat may be due for a full cleaning.

Dental care is important for cats

Signs that your cat may require medical attention for bad breath include:

• Difficulty eating

• Inflamed or red gums

• Vomiting, lack of appetite or excessive urinating

• Pawing at the mouth

• Breath that smells fruity (could be diabetes)

• Breath that smells like urine (could be a kidney disease)

In order to prevent bad breath, you need to take your cat for regular check-ups (which include examining his or her mouth) and talk to your veterinarian if there are any oral health products that might be suitable for your cat.

While your cat’s breath should never smell like mint mouthwash, pay attention to excessively bad breath because it could indicate serious health problems.


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