How to brush your dog’s teeth

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Brushing your teeth is a part of your everyday routine. But what about brushing your dog’s teeth? 

If you’ve put this task on the back burner, there’s no time like the present to start keeping their teeth and gums healthy and prevent potential dental problems or pain. You can clean your dog’s teeth with a simple item you may even already have at home – gauze! Here’s how to get started. 

Step #1: Prepare clean gauze for teeth cleaning 

If you’re worried your fur baby won’t do well with a long toothbrush moving back and forth in their mouth, that’s okay. Wrapping gauze around your finger in place of a doggie toothbrush can also give your companion animal a whole-mouth clean. With a pair of scissors, cut a piece of clean gauze.

step 1

Step #2: Wrap gauze around your finger to create your toothbrush

Wrap the gauze around your finger multiple times and, voila! You’ve now created your own easy-to-use homemade toothbrush and are ready to go. Simply add veterinary-recommended doggie toothpaste to the gauze and you’re ready to brush. Remember to never use human toothpaste as it could contain ingredients that are toxic to dogs. 

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Step #3: Start cleaning

With the gauze wrapped around your finger, gently open your dog’s mouth (never force their mouth open) and rub each tooth individually to ensure you’re removing all of the plaque. You can even try brushing their teeth after they’ve had their walk and playtime so they’ve already gotten all of their energy out Don’t forget the treats! Keep treats on hand to reward your dog for good behaviour while brushing their teeth.

If your dog is comfortable with an actual toothbrush, then that’s great too! You can also pick up dental chews and treats as extra ways to help keep their teeth in tip-top shape. 

Always check with your veterinarian before you try brushing your dog`s teeth for the first time. Some furry friends may have underlying or extensive dental disease that may be painful and require veterinary support before you can begin routine preventative cleaning. 

Happy brushing!