How to clicker train your cat

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Interested in teaching your cat a few tricks while you practice physical distancing from other humans?

Clicker training your cat

You can use clicker training for almost any training exercise. You can teach your cats what the clicker means by pairing it with a primary reinforcer (anything the cat wants badly enough to work for), such as a food treat or a favourite toy.

Once this pairing has occurred, the clicker acts as a positive reward every time. It is intended to become a replacement for food and treat or toy rewards because clicking is faster than a verbal command or cue, and the click is a unique sound that catches the cat’s attention.

Clicker Training is a great way to enrich the cat’s environment and offer the cat the ability to choose to interact positively with us. We are actively engaging the cat so the cat can learn healthy ways to interact with us.

Check out this resource for a step by step guide to get you started!