How to engage your indoor cat

by | Cat Care |

Indoor cats are beloved family pets. With a few adjustments to their environment, you can help eliminate boredom and help your cat stay happy and engaged with their surroundings.

Here are a few ways to keep your kitty healthy and happy for years to come from our blog Top Tips to Inspire Your Feline Friend:

Attention and Play

Cats are extremely social beings and they get lonely and crave attention just like you and me. Cats need emotional and playful stimulation to remain happy and secure. Take the time to stroke and pet your cat, reassuring her with soft, soothing words of love and encouragement. Sometimes using a grooming mitt or soft brush can be comforting and improve their hair coat.


Indoor cats do not burn as many calories as animals who venture outdoors so take care to control their meal portions and moderate their treat intake. A healthy weight and sensible food intake will keep your feline purring for many years to come.

Interactive Toys and Soothing Music

Cats benefit from entertainment and musical stimulation just like their human counterparts. Invest in well-constructed, safe toys that encourage movement and a degree of prowess. Cats never lose their prey drive and toys are a great way to maintain that drive safely. Music, particularly classical, creates a certain mood and the sounds of different instruments peak your cat’s interest and awareness. An added bonus is that classical music has been shown to lower the stress level of animals who fear loud noises such as thunder.

Vantage Point

Cats love looking out the window at scenery. Make sure your cat has access to a view while ensuring all windows and screens are safe and completely secure. Consider investing in (or constructing) a cat tree or an escape-proof enclosure.

By following these tips, you can ensure your cat stays happy and engaged all day long!