How to protect paws in the winter

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Even though it’s cold outside, our companion animals still love getting out there for their daily walks! So it’s important as animal parents to be mindful of how to protect our dog’s paws from the elements.

Here are a few helpful videos and blog resources to help you take care of your dog’s paws in the winter.

How to fit your dog for winter boots

How do you fit your dog for winter boots?

A good pair of boots offer warmth, traction on ice and frozen surfaces and protection from frost bite and salt on the roads or sidewalks. Check out this video for tips on types of boots to buy, how to introduce them, and alternatives!

How to clean your pet’s paws in the winter

During winter walks, your dog can pick up ice, salt, and other chemicals on their paws. It can not only irritate their skin, but can also make your dog sick if they lick their paws and ingest chemicals or salt. That’s why it’s so important you know how to clean them off when you come back inside!

Protect your pet’s paws: DIY paw balm for pets