Is a hamster the right pet for you?

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Don’t let the size of a hamster fool you, there’s much more to these small animals than meets the eye! Not only are they cute and generally easy to care for, but they’re also fun and energetic. Here are just a few reasons you should consider adopting a hamster.  

Are you a healthy eater? Hamsters are, too!

Hamsters are pretty easy to please when it comes to food. They eat hamster mix, which contains seeds, grains, cracked corn, and pellets. Super healthy! And hamster mix is easy to find at most pet stores. Hamsters also like when you add variety to their diet. Foods like washed fruit and some vegetables, grains such as low sodium whole wheat crackers and oats can be great options.  Make sure to keep portions small and check with your vet as to what foods are safe for your hamster.

Love a good workout? Consider yourself a night owl? So do hamsters! 

Hamsters love getting exercise, and they do it on their own time. Hamsters are nocturnal by nature and love their evening workouts. They enjoy running in hamster wheels (with solid walls only), and appreciate cardboard boxes, and toilet and paper towel rolls to burrow in, chew on, and play with. They’re also agile, and take full advantage of climbing up wooden ladders and branches fastened securely inside of their cages.

Appreciate an animal with character? Hamsters love to have fun!

When they’re not having a snooze, hamsters are full of energy and speed! They like to take full advantage of their hamster wheel, or nibble on food or chew toys. They’re entertaining to watch while in their cage, and you can even build hamster tunnels so they have enrichment time outside their cage in a fun, safe, space. Some hamsters are even cuddly and like to be held.

A hamster just might be the perfect companion animal for you – consider adopting one today!

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