It’s already the first day of Fall? 6 pet safety tips for your family

by | General Pet Care |

Whether you’re excited for Fall, or you’re still hanging onto summer, it has arrived! We want to make sure you and your pets enjoy a safe fall season, so we’re sharing our top 6 safety tips for Fall!

Fall Safety

  1. If your pets are adventuring outside, make sure standards of care are being met by leaving out food and water and providing them with a suitable shelter.
  2. It’s starting to get darker sooner! So make sure if our walking your pets to have them clearly visible to traffic and passerby. Consider using reflective material in the collar or leash of your pet.
  3. Fall can also mean rain! So creeks and streams may be at a higher level than normal. Be cautious and maintain care and control at all times to ensure your pet is safe.
  4. Back to school! This also means your pet may want to snack on school supplies lying around, such as crayons, markers, glue, or pencils. These objects can be a choking hazard or can be toxic for your pet to ingest. Keep school supplies in areas where your pet can’t reach them and share this important tip with your children.
  5. Keep on the lookout for toxic mushrooms. If your pet eats a wild mushroom, contact your vet or animal poison control immediately.
  6. Watch for ticks. Ticks like to live in leaf litter, so before letting your pet run through the pile of leaves you’ve just raked – think twice! Check your pet regularly when they come inside as well.