Jersey’s visit with the Ontario SPCA

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While the winter can be fun for many people, Jersey has THE MOST fun in the wintertime. Her love of snow is matched only by her love of bacon bits. She will run, jump, play, roll in and dig in the snow for hours if we let her. One of her favourite activities is mass destruction of any winter sculptures that may have cropped up while we are playing outside (this includes but is not limited to: snowmen, snow forts, snow tunnels).  If you turn your back for even one minute, all you will see when you look back is her digging frantically at whatever you have built, after which she runs gleefully in circles around the mound of destruction. (She has an odd sense of humour.)

Nordic breeds love playing in the snow!

Nevertheless, her love of snow is what earned us a visit from the Ontario SPCA a few winters ago. What happens is after a large snowfall, she will play in the snow, dig herself a little den and then curl up into her “husky ball” (as we call it) and go to sleep. The only way to get her inside is to bribe her with bacon bits or physically remove her from her den, which she is not a fan of. Typically, when she’s ready to come inside she will come to the door and that’s that.

On this particular day, it had recently snowed and there were lots of dog walkers and pedestrians passing by our house on the beautiful snowy trails there. According to my husband, Jersey had been outside for roughly 45 minutes when he heard the doorbell ring. When he opened the door, it was an agent who had been dispatched from the Ontario SPCA. The agent explained that they had been contacted regarding a dog that was outside in the cold, so they came to investigate.

My husband invited the agent inside, so she would get a chance to see Jersey and make sure that Jersey was okay. Having heard the car in the driveway (which is a pretty exciting event for Jersey), she had already run from the side of the house to the back door, ready to come inside. The agent had a quick list of things they were looking for, but ultimately just wanted to make sure Jersey was not cold/wet/shivering/in any kind of distress.

After seeing that Jersey was a husky-type of breed, the agent confirmed that Jersey was in great shape and clearly had been enjoying the snow. It was evident in our house that Jersey lived indoors with the plethora of dog toys, comfortable bed and access to water/food.  The agent asked my husband a few more questions but was ultimately satisfied with the standards of care she was receiving. Afterwards, she thanked my husband for his time and left.

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