Keeping your indoor cat happy – Animal Care Tips with Royal Canin

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What does your indoor cat need to be happy? There are a few things you should know that will help you care for your cat well.

Today we’re sharing a video from our friend Dr. Allan Corber with Royal Canin Canada, answering how to keep your indoor cat happy.

“There are two types of cat personalities — passive and active — and your cat’s personality can determine the types of environments they will thrive within. No matter what kind of personality they have, there are six basic environmental needs cats have that are essential to their comfort and happiness.”

Thank you for sharing this resource with us Royal Canin!

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Thank you so much for all you do

Thank you so much for all you do every day to rescue animals in need. I can’t imagine the terrible situations that you see every day.  It is great that you have the heart to help. Keep up the good work.