Lovely received life-saving care thanks to you

by | Campaigns Northern projects |

Life-saving procedures like the one that saved Lovely’s life are sadly not available in many remote Northern communities, where the closest veterinarian might be hours or even days away.

Lovely was pregnant when she was transported from a Northern community earlier this year through the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. Suddenly, she began losing interest in her food and started vomiting. We were worried and rushed her to a veterinary hospital.

Lovely and her puppies

As her condition began to deteriorate, an emergency c-section was needed to try to save Lovely and her seven pups. During surgery, the veterinarian discovered an obstruction in Lovely’s stomach, which is what was causing her problems. With the obstruction removed and puppies safely delivered, Lovely made a full recovery. Best of all, Lovely and her puppies have since found loving homes!

Thanks to you, Lovely received life-saving care.