Mackenzie is a little girl, making a big impact in her community

by | Campaigns Happy Tails |

Mackenzie has loved her pup Wyatt from day one.

A few years ago, Mackenzie decided to blend her love for Wyatt with her love of baking and churn it into something impactful.

This led Mackenzie to sign up for National Cupcake Day™—an annual fundraiser that helps animals across Canada. She baked hundreds of cupcakes, sold them door-to-door, and even held a cupcake party—all in the name of baking a difference for animals in need.

Mackenzie has raised over $1,000 for her cause and she’s never been prouder. Watch her heartwarming story, here.

Feeling inspired? You can also sprinkle some love for animals in your community! How, you ask? By whipping up something delicious in support of National Cupcake Day. Learn how you can get involved.