Make National Cupcake Day™ the sweetest day of the year with these drool-worthy pup-cakes

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Making pup-cakes is easy and fun for the whole family.  Why not get your kids involved in making a special treat for their furry friend in honour of National Cupcake Day™ for SPCAs and Humane Societies?  You may already have the ingredients kicking around in your kitchen! Another great part is, these pup-cakes can be enjoyed by your kids too!

Now, you may be asking what a “pup-cake” is.  Well, it’s exactly as it sounds – a delicious treat for pups made in a muffin tin, baked in the oven and 100% drool-worthy!

We’re sure this recipe from our friends at Milk-Bone® will get your dog’s tail wagging.  View the recipe here.  This recipe along with some cupcakes for humans can be found at under the “Recipes” tab.

Pup-cakesDoggy Tested

Four-year-old Beabull Lola, supervised the baking of this recipe at her home just this week. With her Beagle nose, she knew she was in for a sweet surprise as soon as the peanut butter jar cracked open!

With wide eyes and maybe just a little drool, Lola knew it was about to be her lucky day!

It didn’t take long to mix up all the ingredients for the pup-cakes and get them in the oven.  Then once cooled, our taste tester Lola stepped in. She wasn’t thrilled she had to sit and give paw before receiving her pupcake.  Although she happily obliged after getting a taste of these delicious pup-cakes!

National Cupcake Day

So why is now a great time to bake pup-cakes or cupcakes you ask?  Because by registering, fundraising and baking for National Cupcake Day™, you are raising crucially needed funds for animals in need.

National Cupcake Day™ is a nation-wide fundraiser taking place on February 22nd in support of participating SPCAs, humane societies and rescue groups across Canada. This year, to keep people safe during COVID-19, we’re asking Canadians to raise funds for animals in need in their community. Bake a difference at home with our virtual cupcake decorating contest presented by Robin Hood® and Milk-Bone®. 

To register, donate or learn more about National Cupcake Day, please visit and ‘bake’ a difference for animals in need!



Thank you for your dedication

Thank you for your dedication to helping the animals.  Every animal deserves a loving home and to be treated royally.  Just imagine a day without animal cruelty.  What a wonderful day that would be!