Meet Pixie – A One Year Old Shepherd Mix, Looking For A Forever Home

by | Happy Tails |


Pixie is a very sweet dog who is in need of additional care. Pixie has been diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). Pixie’s pancreas no longer functions to produce digestive enzymes and as a result she has trouble digesting food. The good news is EPI is manageable!

Pixie will require Pancreas V powder likely for the remainder of her life. Fortiflora can also be added to each meal to help with digestion. She is strictly fed a low fat gastrointestinal diet. It is very important that Pixie not be given any table scraps or food/treats that differ from her prescribed diet. If she should ingest something other then her normal diet she may require metronidazole.

Pixie is a loving dog who gets along with everyone! Her Meet Your Match personality is an orange goofball.  If you think you might be the perfect owner to help Pixie live a happy and healthy life, she’s waiting for you at the Provincial Education and Animal Center!