Memorandum of Agreement signed between OVA and OSPCA

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(Guelph, ON – June 25, 2014) ‐ The Ontario Veal Association (OVA) and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to work together when investigating complaints about animal welfare on veal farms, on behalf of all their producers.

“Working with the farming community is very important to us,” says Connie Mallory, Ontario SPCA Chief Inspector. “We are pleased to be working together with Ontario Veal to help animals in need and enhance Animal Welfare across the province.”

The MOA will allow knowledgeable, industry representatives to accompany OSPCA inspectors to specific veal farm calls. Together, industry representatives and the OSPCA, will host joint education sessions on a bi-annual basis to exchange information and experiences related to on-farm animal care and code of practices issues.

Under the Agreement, both organizations will work together to address concerns of animal welfare. OVA will provide technical assistance to OSPCA Officers in cases where inadequate animal care may be occurring on the farm.

Furthermore, OSPCA and OVA have agreed that upon at least 48-hours-notice, OVA representatives will visit a farm in conjunction with OSPCA Officers for the purpose of investigating any complaints or allegations of inadequate animal care. Similarly, OSPCA has agreed to contact OVA with at least 48-hours-notice, except in situations where animals are in immediate distress, to arrange a joint inspection of the licensed farm property.

“The main purpose of the agreement between the OVA and the Ontario SPCA is to improve dialogue during on‐farm inspections, promote education over enforcement and engage in joint on‐farm training sessions to exchange information and experiences relating to proper care and management practices,” stated OVA President Judy Dirksen.

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