Merry Christmas from the Ontario SPCA!

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Can you believe Christmas Day is actually here!? If it took you by surprise, you may need some last-minute gift ideas!

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photo credit: Gerry Dincher Merry Christmas via photopin (license)

Last-minute gift ideas

Here are a few symbolic gift ideas the animal lover on your list will really appreciate!

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Toys for shelter pets on

Stocking stuffer holiday toy

Toys are fun, stress-reducing, comforting, and boost immune systems! – $5.

Toys for shelter pets

Enrichment toys are vital to an animal’s well being. By giving animals appropriate toys you can help bring happiness and play to their life, while reducing their stress and boosting their immune systems – $25.

Gift of Urgent Need

This is a very special gift to help shelter animals in desperate need of our care – $40.

Holiday Pack for a dog

Make the holidays special for a shelter dog. Your special gift will provide a dog or puppy with a special holiday stocking stuffer, as well as loving care, nutritious treats, soft bedding, enrichment toys and any required veterinary treatment – $65.

And there are many other great options! Check out and find the perfect symbolic gift for your friends or family.