Missing Your Pet When You’re Away

by | General Pet Care |

There have been several times this summer that I can certainly blame the heat for a few Jersey “puddles” (more like small lakes!) in the house this summer. While she is very housebroken, there have been days hot-as-an-oven where she puts a paw outside the backdoor, then literally bolts back to her cool, comfortable bed. Trying to keep her exercised and properly hydrated has certainly been a challenge with her fluffy double coat.

Truthfully, as I cleaned up the mess on the floor (asking myself why we didn’t get a smaller dog with a smaller bladder) I relished the idea of going on vacation. Jersey has an excellent canine caregiver and plays with other dogs all day while we are away. Leaving Jersey with the “dog lady” means no early morning walks, no cleaning up after Lake Jersey accidents and a reprieve from vacuuming the house daily, due to the massive shed-a-thon that is her fur. Time to really relax!

However, that feeling usually disappears when its time for Jersey to go. I suddenly am all hugs and treats, wishing suddenly that she could stay. Even while we are away, I often find myself staring at other people, happily walking their dogs, feeling sad that mine can’t be with me.

In the perfect world, when we leave our pets they would have some sort of communication device to let us know they are having fun and doing well in our absence. Thankfully, in the modern world of the internet we have many more options to interact with our pet while we’re away. Select doggy daycare facilities have webcams that are streamed live during the workday. Pet owners can visit the daycare’s website and watch their dog’s activities. Many canine caregivers have smartphones, which allow them to take short videos or snap some pics of the pets for their owners. For the computer savvy pet owners, two-way communication with your pet is possible via video chatting where you can talk to and communicate with your pet from all over the world (provided their caregiver has the same technological capabilities). It is incredible to be in a hotel in Europe and say hello to your furry family member back home.

(As a general caution, even if your pet caregiver has the computer abilities to allow you to video “woof” with your pet, don’t go overboard. Hourly conversations with your dog over the internet might raise a few eyebrows!)

Using popular social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter are also quick and easy ways to get a short update on your pet while you’re away. (Don’t know how to use Facebook? Check out these video tutorials to get you started!)  For those without smartphones, a quick text message can also do the trick.

Whether you’re away from your pet for work or vacation, it’s reassuring to know there are ways to find out how your pet is doing. While vacations are fun, it’s even more enjoyable to come home to a happy, healthy pet is that is excited to see you.

I will take Lake Jersey and the Mountains of Dog Hair anytime, as long as it means I get to have my wonderful furry friend in my arms again.