National Cupcake Day™ fundraising inspiration

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National Cupcake Day™ for SPCAs and Humane Societies is coming up, February 24th – can you believe it!? If you’re looking for some fundraising inspiration, look no further than this Brockville bar.

Jessica Burton has been supporting National Cupcake Day™ since the event began in 2012. Back in 2018, we interviewed her about the over $8,000 she was able to raise in the previous five years – and she’s still going strong!

Jessica works at a bar in downtown Brockville and every year she sells cupcakes on National Cupcake Day. From there, her fundraising expanded to raffles and pre-sales.

Listen now to hear all about her amazing fundraising work and how she’s done it! You may even find some tips helpful to you for your own Cupcake Day party.

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