No Better Time! Adopt a Senior Dog

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Many people go to shelters to look for young animals. The kittens, puppies, and other baby animals steal our hearts and bring joy to our homes, for sure! Which is all great, but what about the older pets, what about a senior dog?

No matter how old an animal is, they can be a loyal, loving, and incredible pet. Just take a senior dog for an example!

Senior dog = best friend

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NOV-senior dog month

In our blog post 5 Reasons to Adopt Senior Pets you can find reasons to adopt a senior pet. Such as, that they’re fully matured, they tend to be calmer, and they have experience being part of a family. Read the FULL POST for more reasons to adopt!

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month by the ASPCA. According to them:

In our experience, senior dogs are often easier to train than puppies due to their calm demeanor and prior interactions with human companions. Older pets can be great matches for seniors, or those who enjoy a less active lifestyle,” – ASPCA.

Not only can they be great, calm, loving, pets, but they also need our special attention. Senior dogs, and pets generally, tend to be left in shelters longer, and overlooked because of the younger animals!

If you’re interested in adopting a senior dog, contact your local Ontario SPCA Community to see if there are adoptable senior do in your area!

iAdopt for the Holidays

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Photo by Trevor Hurlbut.

Come into any of our Ontario SPCA Animal Centres and take part in our iAdopt for the Holidays campaign from November 1st to December 31st and find your purrfect match! Our goal is to get as many animals placed into loving forever homes as possible this holiday season #iAdopt

If you already have a pet, enter our weekly contest by posting pictures of your pet with the #iAdopt on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Enter the grand prize contest to win free pet food for a YEAR at

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